• Face Adversity

  • Helping Others

  • Believing In Yourself

  • Not Giving Up

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Meet the Characters

Hello, Kinzi!

Kinzi is a brave and adventurous young girl who is always ready for an exciting journey through magical forests and mysterious lands.

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Hello, Nelli!

Nelli is a sparkling fairy known for her multi-colored wings and bright blue hair. She is kind, helpful, and always ready to lend a hand to those in need. Despite her small size, Nelli's spirit is big and full of wonder, making her beloved in the magical forest.

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Hello, Skylar!

Skylar is a spunky and adventurous creature who loves exploring the forest. Skylar has a talent for flying and is known for their amazing acrobatic moves in the air.

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And Here's Horrible!

Horrible is a big, grumpy bear who lives deep in the forest. He's known for being short-tempered and not very friendly.

Joslyn, The Storyteller

Joslyn is a lifelong dreamer and storyteller who has always been drawn to the magic of a good book. As a child, she dreamed of donning a cape and flying through the skies to save the day, and she still holds onto the belief that this dream will come true someday. In the meantime, she has dedicated herself to crafting unforgettable stories that transport readers, young and old, to exciting new worlds. With a distinctive voice and a talent for creating lovable characters, Joslyn's stories are full of adventure and love. Whether you're a parent looking for a heartwarming tale to share with your child or a reader seeking an escape into a world of wonder, Joslyn's books are sure to delight and inspire.